🍯This price includes shipping. This is our coffee scrub! 🍯Great for oily, dry and normal skin💙 If have oily skin, we recommend pairing this with the Aloe Vera mask and using them in this order. 🍯This product leaves a thin layer of coconut oil on your skin, so you don’t always have to moisturize afterwards. We DO recommend moisturizing in extreme weather. Such as 80 degrees plus and 50 degrees and lower. 🍯 great for removing top layer of skin and resetting in order to stop/prevent future breakouts. 🍯gives a natural, awaken look 🍯has been reported to give a energetic affect due to the caffeine getting into the skin. 💙 Ingredients include: Coffee, Honey, coconut oil, rose hemp soap, jojoba oil, essential oil blend

Coffee Scrub 4oz


    For Daily Motivation

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