Why It's Important Not to Force IT

Have you ever been stressed and needed to work on your business? Did it take you extra time to get started, even though you usually jump right on it? Do you ever just force yourself to work anyway? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, this is the article for you!

Did you know the root of stress is primarily a lack of solutions to our problems? When you think about it, that is just the answer. Some people are still working in hazardous environments; how could they work from home? (Unless, they are firefighters, nurses, doctors, policemen, etc.) Over half of your community is wondering where their next check is coming from and what can they do about it? There are business owners out there, stressing over tasks needed to be done, or equipment, or products needing to be paid for to serve their supporters. All of these are very common issues and they all need solutions. Next time you are stressed, be slow to wonder, fast to calm yourself, and find a solution. It’ll instantly take the stress away in your forehead, literally. 

Seeds for You! 

Try some healthy destressing/coping techniques :

  1. Sit down and slow down, open the tablet on your phone, or find a piece of paper and pen. Write what's going on or what you’re stressing about to at least physically see it. Get it out of your head and transfer it to your paper. Free some room up, Friend! 

  2. This next technique is inspired by someone I follow on Twitter, @HakeemAndersn—Self Soothing: Comfort yourself through the five senses! 

Touch: taking a bath, washing your hair, painting your nails— using your hygiene as self-care. Coloring, drawing, and painting are great as well.

Hear: listening to a book, guided meditation, or music. On my everyday playlist, I include rain sounds, reiki healing, etc. and as they come up on my playlist, I listen to them full out. That’s just in case my subconscious needs some love, or if my job gets a little stressful throughout the day.

Sight: peaceful images, art, and colors. Certain colors add to relaxation such as lavender, yellow, lime green, and orange just to name a few. When you get some time, look up what each color means in terms of psychology, and pick what’s best for your mood.

Taste: mint gum, tea. I’ve read in several articles that lemon, lemon-flavored candy, or anything sour or bitter, is excellent for anxiety. The focus is now on your mouth instead of in your head. 

Smell: lotion, candles, incense. 

  1. Think, how can you fix this problem? If it’s money, cut down or eliminate when it comes to expenses. If you’ve already done so, there is plenty of advice out there to be transparent with your creditors, landlords, etc. as to what’s going on and setting your bills to the end of the month so you’ll have plenty of time to make what you can. 

A. If it’s a problem with a close friend, family member, or coworker, state your feelings on that piece of paper and deal with it the next day. This way you can focus on your work for the time being, have more time to process the situation before you speak to the person rationally; furthermore, you have more room in your mental space to be creative. 

  1. If and only IF you cannot see on the outside of yourself, talk to someone you trust. Someone you trust, as in honest, and will feed you good things such as encouragement and solutions.

  2. Do your thang! Not everyone’s a writer or meditator, I get it, but everyone is a human being. We stress, and this can work for anyone. I’ve been using some of these methods for a few years, and I can physically feel the method working!

Now to the meat and potatoes--Why it is important not to force your craft!

 Energy transfers! It’s a science to it. Ever been in a bad mood while at work and you slightly mess up tasks that you are custom to? The same can happen to your business. You don’t want to risk that because you’ve put all of your good energy into this, your income as well, and you can’t afford to lose a cent! Not over bad energy that is.

  If you are a lightworker, someone who does reiki, skin and hair products for healing, a psychic, empath, etc. beings that use spiritual energy to heal our community, you most likely have to bless your products at times (some people do so just to be thorough). Not only this, but we have to make sure that we don’t have any blockages or heaviness weighing on us that will affect our work. We believe that our energy transfers into our business, and products. If you aren’t feeling it and have to work, do some distressing first! 

Lightworkers, also known as star seeds, Earth angels, and Indigos, are spiritual beings in human existence sent here to heal. ... Many lightworkers are on the Earth plane at this time with the specific purpose of using our knowledge of healing to teach, counsel, write, heal, and enlighten others.

I hope this helps next time you come into a period of stress. Let me know what you think, or what methods work best for you! 

Sending Love,


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