Thoughtfulness, You Have to Earn Royalty.

“I feel like I’m not a king yet, but I’m getting there”.

THIS LINE RIGHT HERE STRUCK!! Let me enlighten if you’d like to take it in. A few years back, I remember when addressing each other as Queen and King was used so much that it became a trend and not something meaningful. Men used it to pick up women only and not really getting to know them first or see their worth. And women would call themselves a Queen and then say “imma bad btch” the next second. I get it can be fun, but this phrase is not a positive affirmation, as they should be. What the gentlemen said above hit on a lot in just one phrase. In African culture or any other culture, in order to become a King or Queen, it has to be not only inherited but earned. Before handing over the country to the next generation, you must master self and the laws and politics of being royalty. There is a certain way you must govern yourself and difficult situations. There are many tests as well as trial and error— THEN you will be crowned. Be intentional behind your words and actions. Be pure and strong as a prince or princess; life will crown you then.

Shout out to Beyoncé for using her power the real way. 💙

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