Thoughtfulness, Root intentions and energy

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Having anger in a convo with a loved one or a friend really doesn’t get either party anywhere. It’s def understandable, but control your actions. The point of a convo is being understanding. Understanding in the word that each party is conveying before and after the words are spoken ( as in be impeccable with your word and make sure you’re understanding what the other person is saying as well.) Dont just respond, ingest the message. If you’re speaking and acting out of anger, your intentions are already wrong. That means that you’re not only trying to hurt the next person, BUT you’re also trying to get the accolade of being right on top of just trying to get your point across. That’s def defeating the purpose and making things worse.

Apologize as necessary (we def AINT trying to feed nobody’s ego) and then provide a solution. Back and forth is a waste of time. Each party could state their issues and move on with a solution. Saves a whole heap of time and energy.

Whatchall think: drop something below.

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