The Orange Butterfly and The Sunrise: what to do during your life transition.

This morning I woke a little before my 5:00 am alarm even though I am off today. I still have business as well as self-care to take care of, so I am not completely "off". Waking up early on my off day was fine being that I love to do so. It was about 5:30 am when the thought struck me to get up and watch the sunrise! I'm glad that I went because I often wish I could watch more risings, rather than just vaguely taking them in during the span of my car rides to work. Today, I am feeding my inner child while processing the fear that has arisen while I am in between life decisions. My ego spoke of doubt, but my spirit reminded me of the signs of good luck and pushed me to trust myself.

On my way to my favorite place, The River Front, a fond memory came to me that I had forgotten about. I remembered one summer night with my Granny; the summer before my 5th-grade or 6th-grade year. She asked if I ever sat and watched the Sunrise. I told her I hadn't, but I wanted to. She promised we'd get up to watch tomorrow morning, and I was extremely excited! Unusually, I got up before she did and went to the living room to wake her, but she wanted to stay asleep. I didn't get upset because she did everything a mother could do for me daily and then some. I quickly ran to the balcony to watch until the sky was no longer peach. That was one of the most exciting, rewarding, and comforting mornings I'll ever hold close to my heart. That memory helped me remember why it's so important to me to wake with the Sun. Especially before starting a day that'll bring life-changing work and pressure. Those days are the most rewarding.

So now here are my seeds for you! I said all of this not only to take you back to a peaceful time, but in your time of transition-- work diligently, balance your work and rest, and remember to slow down. Have fun! Feed your inner child, and that is how you'll maintain energy. If you're wondering about the subject of the ego voice then let me enlighten you! Our ego voice develops at a young age from traumas and shame; it is the it is the voice of doubt, anxiety, and distrust. When taking this time with the right intentions, you will then be empowering you in the face of fear and comforting you in the company of doubt. Essentially, it is tending to what was taken away or broken when you were younger. Thinking of those peaceful times as I did, and figuring out why you like the things you do takes your mind back to when life was fun and simple. Especially while you are in a state of stress. When you know it's time for a change, do not shy away from it, but take the bull by the horns. Build your trust, feed good things to yourself, be honest, and know that everything always turns out for our wellbeing. I believe in you and I'm sure you believe in you too! Please have a great transition and let me know if you have any feedback or need guidance along the way!



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