Spiritual Growth 101

Now introducing, Nadia, God’s Favorite. Lol.

What I’m about to say to you has been on my mind for a while now and the forst time I was going to write about it probably wasn’t a good time to release this message because I wanted it to be articulated correctly.

Ppl are quick to say about others, “wow they always get what they want”, or “how come this isn’t working for me like it is for them”.

Well Spirit told me to tell you, “clean your heart and spirit, govern yourself properly, be gentle with yourself, watch what you feed into and what you give others, think only of what would it feel like to get what you desire while also being thankful for what you have. Keep that energy clean. Balance your work and rest. Maintain good energy. Focus. Manifest.”

It ain’t always easy, but it’s doable. 🌻💙 I learned today from my coach not to see challenges as struggle and def dont normalize it. Honestly, outside of that, I honestly think that when things are going spectacular the scales gotta stay balanced 😂 so you gone get a lil sprinkle of both. Just learn from it okay, and keep going.

Sn I never get 8s. Always 3s and 1s and this is its second time appearing and this is what I got.

For Daily Motivation

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