Self care 101 Facebook status

I saw a conflict status earlier today. It said “my damaged ass just wants to be loved some day”, or some like that.

You can’t say “you’re damaged” and “want to be loved” in the same sentence. One You’re cursing yourself by saying that you are. Affirm, “I am healing and soon want to find love”. But you gotta be active in that healing and GENTLE and PATIENT.

Finding love while being damaged is not a good recipe for a relationship, first. You’ll end up hurting yourself more and damaging your partner.

Take the sweet time to love you, heal yourself by being honest and gentle, and get a therapist because we need guidance outside of ourselves as well. Practice self care, and boundaries. Boundaries in how you talk to yourself, how you treat yourself, etc. Healing FIRST, will give you the abundance of love you needed in the first place so that you won’t be dependent on someone else, and it’ll also show someone how to treat and love you. Sets you up for some gooooodddddd alignment and attraction, hunty. 💕

It wasn’t that deep, but it was. I can’t stand when ppl talk about themselves like that, and then other hop on the wagon. Like, hit the breaks. love,


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