Lemons into Lemonade: 5 tips to Spiritually Cleanse

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Been running too much or not enough, getting some of those tasks done and still not feeling any better? Read this to take a sip of Lemonade! After all, they do say the best natural cleaner is a lemon. :)

“It’s an Artist’s duty to reflect the time in which we live.” Nina Simone.

It all seems like a mess at the moment, but we can still turn it around!

Over the past few weeks during this crisis, I’ve worked diligently to watch my language in "being common". When I say "being common" I mean, everywhere we turn, we are smothered with COVID-19 this, quarantine that. These two words have become poison. I’ve not only experienced but have noticed by word, a spike in everyone’s anxiety/depression; therefore, I feel it's only right to create safe places on my accounts when it comes to issues/topics on social media. I breathe turning everything around and to only promote honesty and positivity in anything I create and share. We’ve learned enough, why not have a break, you know? It is only right that the next thing to do is something about the issue. 

   On the other hand, It’s true, for us artists to reflect the time; that is the main reason I am choosing to write on this subject. I’d love to twist it into something to help us all not only grow but to heal from a different perspective that happens to be extremely beneficial in my own and supporters’ opinion-- through the spirit in which we all have.

Working on my crisis, and on others around me, I have found something that usually works. There are many strategies out here to try, to practice, and are practices that move us forward. What we’ve failed to talk about thus far is where to start? We are helping ourselves, but are we doing so properly? Starting at the right point by lining our dominos correctly? We all know what to do when it comes to certain issues and implement them as soon as we get the chance, but are we starting at the root? Through careful thought, consideration, analysis, and personal practice, I’ve concluded that spiritual cleansing can take us further along with other strategies we are implementing. It is the ultimate love to give oneself because it lightens the load to carry further. 

  At the moment, everyone is walking around with something heavy, the mind is always on the go about what has to be done, and what can be completed. We are holding onto negativity that could be blocking some of our progress. My family has always said, “Everything can be used, but it also has to be maintained, taken care of. Whether it is a car, a house, a family, even you.” Our minds are consistently running just as much as we are, but have we dropped some of that baggage along the way? 

 A few things that I have always suggested to my community that can ensure physically getting rid of what is holding on to us is:

  1. Writing- write what you feel is holding you down, crumble it up, throw it away and tell yourself that you are letting go. Over the next few days to weeks, work on focusing on something more progressive.

  2. Or try this: write down what is bothering you and next to or under it, write a solution as to how you can fix it.

  3. Using everyday hygiene as a spirit cleanse/self-care- we have to shower, wash our hair, brush our teeth, and even do facial masks here and there. Next time instead of doing the tasks as a requirement, do them as a means of getting rid of bad energy you’re holding onto. Instead of doing it as quickly as you can to fit your schedule, take as much time you want to feel lighter.

  4. Go for a walk or exercise- moving around gets a good circulation going, movement such as dancing releases a hormone in your brain that causes happiness. Sitting dormant in a dark room, watching tv, is bound to keep most people in a bad mood because it's not always promoting positivity, or making us feel like we are doing something with our lives. (This is a biased statement, some people love tv, others do not) We love to feel accomplished, do we not? Last but not least, vitamin D is good for you!!!

  5. Meditate and affirm yourself- doing so is feeding your mind all the "good stuff" that we need, and can turn around some of the untrue things that are circulating in our mind. Here is one I have recently created:

Affirmation to try when partaking in your spiritual cleanse:

Today, I am granting myself time to heal and remove any energy that doesn’t serve me from the pores of my skin to the soles of my feet.

I am loved, I am cared for, I am divine, and I am headed to success no matter how long it takes. 

Everyone that is in my life at this present moment is here for a purpose without extra judgment. My circle will continue to love and grow with me. I WILL get there, and I WILL pace myself. 

I will remain healthy. 

The dirt in my consciousness will be removed by myself and a higher power. I am blessed in all my being through my spirit, my gifts, and my creations. My path is sealed and in time will manifest through diligent hard work and faith. I believe that money, order, and success will flow through to me freely, and they WILL find their way to me.

I hope in reading this article you can find some ways to turn your lemons into lemonade. We are humans and we always find ways to adapt. Nothing bad nor good lasts forever, but it's always best to make the best out of everything! Sending love and light on your journey.



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