Grand Risings!

Self Care 101/MESSAGE🌻: Yesterday, I took the time to do some self care work by making my love and myself my favorite tea, while also reading a self help book that’ll equip my me for my future. One of my favorite things to do now a days is sit on the floor while doing my soul-love routines because it’s a grounding technique and really puts you in the middle of the space you’re in. Not only this, but the energy is amazing in here.

While reading this, I had the confirmation of the message I posted yesterday of valuing your craft and using it to affect others in a positive way. The script says, “When we ask God to help us create financial abundance, we must not ask only for ourselves, but so we can help others. “ It’s time for your business to flourish, Hunty! Go in for yourself, go in for your community, strap up because it’s time. It’s time to put yourself out there on faith, but while doing so make sure that you are taking time to remove yourself from the noise. Be in solitude. And unwind. It’s very essential in this time— how can a car run with out fuel? Love, Q💙

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