Grand Risings!

I wasn’t supposed to kick back off until Tuesday, but I thought I’d kick it back into gear with a Happy Sunday to you!

Happy Sunday!! 💕🌻 self care doesn’t have to wait till Sunday, but I just so happen to spend my Sundays near the water often on this day💙

This Rising will be filled with Journaling, Meditation, Reading, and Goal Setting! And friend?! Have you read The Four Agreements yet?! It’s such a life changer. It’s a small book, but it has amazing messages in it. Honestly, this is the most time I’ve spent on one reading. The four agreements helps you better understand yourself and others around you. It also tells how to guide and free yourself as well. I’m usually a cover to cover person when I read, but I’m finding myself actually studying this by going back over chapters when I struggle a bit in real time. I’ve using this as a healing tool and it’s been fun. Lol. A challenge, but fun.

What books are you reading for self help? How do you care for yourself throughout the week! Let me know below by becoming a member. Just start by pressing the log in button 👇🏽💜

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