Grand Risings,

Feeling fearful? Well Hunty, I've got some seeds for you.

Show fear that it does not run you. Do it scared, do it broke, do it where you're standing because either way, God gave you that idea so you're going to have to do it either way. Especially if you have a plan. Jump right into it, but always leave room for error and for magic. Clear your mind, step into your shoes and run for it! Need a sign? THIS IS YOUR SIGN, Just Do IT! Remember to always love your Mountains with all your might.

Here are some more seedy signs I received this week:

1. "It was given to you because you can handle it." -Eternal Sunshine

2. "A great man said,'Life is one big road with a lot of signs, so when you are riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind.'" @malaika_slt x Instagram

3. "Stop underestimating yourself. You're ready. You're good enough. You're smart enough. You can do it. It's already your's." @themarissarae x Twitter

4. "Matthew 19:26CSB- 'Jesus looked at them and said, 'With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.' " @theeamateureexpert x Instagram

Affirm: "I am Capable, I am Complete, I am Strong, I am READY! I set the intention today for process, completion, peace, and prosperity!"

What are some goals that have scared you, but you ended up achieving? What is something that scares you now? Comment below by becoming a member! Press the Login button!

With Love,


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