Grand Risings!

Full Moon Transformation Messages/Seeds for You,

They're a little aggressive cause its that time for us to stop playing sis/brodie.

1."Rely on not your own understanding" relax and stop trying to figure out or think about things frantically that are difficult to change. Somethings cannot be fixed on your own or in a "humanly" way. God and The Universe are working for you. Let them do their thang and believe that there's magic in the world, or the energy you’re pouring out: worry, stress, anger, anxiousness, will attract more of your issues.

2.You may want things right now, but the more you produce "wanting" energy/desperation, the longer it’s going to repel from you. In simpler terms, the more you chase something, the more it's going to run away. Do things calmly and your blessings will start unfolding for you. Don't rush it.

3."Let go of things that no longer serve you." Use the full Moon's energy to help pull those subconscious root issues out of you. Cry as hard and for as long as you need and really feel those emotions. This is so they are forefront and you can truly let go. Let go of your problems, step into your new transformation, release your attachments because it is going to be okay. Work on purging your spirit and your body, so that you can really work with a clean slate. MAKE ROOM HUNTY!

4. LISTEN AND BE GENTLE: Stop ignoring the signs, God is giving you the answer in many forms. You know what's right for you, DO IT!

5. Take care of your body. Period

6. God is going to be showing a lot of us who and what to let go of. Do so accordingly, on time and with ease.

Affirm: " My efforts are supported by the Universe and my dreams are manifesting into reality."

-@Moonomens on Instagram

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