Grand Risings,

Happy Mental Health Awareness Month! Do you know what serves great mental health? Letting things go that no longer serve you and giving it to the universe and Spirit to handle. Knowing that you do not have to stress over what you cannot control and that it will sort itself out in due time. Letting go the energy of need, desperation, and anger. Feeding yourself good love and knowing that your future is going to unfold for you no matter how things are going at the moment. Set intention to move forward with grace, with love and completion. Give yourself a high five and a hug. Tell your inner child that you love him or her. Give yourself permission to be complete. Give yourself permission to feel complete.

Affirm: I love myself with all my heart, might, and site. I am complete! I am letting go of things that no longer serve me and letting in all things that water my growth.

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