Be Progressive!

Me and Yatta are currently on the phone sharing goals of how we can be more progressive in our community. A lot of ppl including us, are expressing our hurt, and anger over this historical moment in time, but I’m never the one to sit in that vibe for too long because this feeling too, shall pass.

By “valuing our craft” and the knowledge we’ve acquired over our years, we will be taking what we know, and our gifts to be light to our ppl around us. STAY TUNED 💙🗣 N.K.M Artistry, LLC Qveeng Bee’s Honey Pot Magical Mane Simple Hair Care

Now is the time to Spread knowledge,



Come together,

And spend in our community! Spending time, spending energy, spreading love, and most importantly Spending Dollas by buying BLACK 🖤💜

Use your craft, use your gift, to rise above and move forward.

Comment below a goal you have to help your community, a funding link to donate to, or your favorite Black Owned Business 👑

📸: DeQuan Whitley

For Daily Motivation

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