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Nadia "Qveeng" McKoy, The founder of N.K.M Artistry, LLC., works full time insuring her communal artists receive the support they need through administering events and projects, speaking, educating entrepreneurs of all ages, and assisting businesses of the art community in their endeavors to grow further. Not only has she done several events for authors, artists, and business owners, but she has also published a book known as  Mind of a Millennial, that includes photography, philosophies, poems and more. The project showcases works of 35 Millennials from all over the country. She hopes to make a major change of support in the arts in the near future.​

NKM and The Movement

The Local Artist Support Movement is a movement that was founded by Nadia McKoy in 2017. It was created to solve a detrimental issue of business owners and communities not seeing the importance of nor putting forth action to support one another. To be an activist in change, she based her first business's foundation and debut project, Mind of a Millennial. NKM Artistry, LLC. was established in January 2018. It is a platform for growth and support in the arts from art establishments and artists, to authors. When it comes to growth, NKM knows mindset in spirituality, education, and evolution; furthermore, planting in these businesses in spaces to expand, are key essentials.


Purpose starts as a seed, NKM Artistry will help you bloom into a masterpiece!

Plant Seeds and Expect to Grow Fruit!

Nadia Qveeng McKoy

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