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My name is Nadia McKoy, also known as Q or Coach Q. I am a life coach and I specialize in all things self-care, and personal as well as business growth. Everything that I have created has included mental health/mindfulness due to our consciousness being the fuel to our livelihood. Too many business owners that I know work and take care of others more than they pour back into themselves, I believe that is the secret sauce we tend to miss out on that will take us so much further. This is my “why”. I’ve not only found a self-care shop that has been successful in providing numerous self-care sessions over the last three years, but I have also coached numerous women that are full-time entrepreneurs as well as dual-prenuers. 

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Need some Grand Rising affirmations, a stronger spiritual mindset to run your business, spiritual guidance? Here is where you need to be!

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Nadia is such a beautiful, unique individual and the things she creates are one of a kind! I recommend her highly for everything from writing engagements and events, to art shows! I am more than pleased with the service I received and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for just being you! Bless <3

Lakendra Huckaby

Huck Designs, LLC.

Spectacular event! Great information with excellent delivery. I can guarantee those around me left this event with more knowledge then they had before. I can't get over the ending segment, when people from different generations were allowed to stand up and speak on their personal life experiences to give advice. I felt it bridging the gap between the ages. We need more of this

DeQuan Whitley

DQArts, LLC.

Very intimate, informative, and inspiring! From the planting of the seed to the birthing, I'm glad to have witnessed the blossoming. She is a very young, community driven, spirit! I love the inspiring author/artist within her!

Marie Wilson

Elegant Photography


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