Mind of a Millenial

The initial purpose of this book is to bring our millennial/art community together; to show generations before us how open-minded and creative we can be instead of upholding the negative stereotypes made of us. This creation showcases original works of poetry, various art forms, and philosophies created by millennials from all over the United States! I hope to save the art community, as well as close the gap between ages through this work of art. Head over to our shop to purchase your very own signed copy!


"I like your content. I’m also an artist in some way. Keep going your path. I wish you the best. Much love."

"Nadia , you are such an inspiring piece of art alone but the things you have accomplished and endured make you even more beautiful, you truly are a blooming sunflower 🌻 . The things you’re pursing to mold a better path for the Millennials are outstanding . I’m very proud of your ambition, courage, tenacity and drive to accomplish your goals. Keep it up girl ❤️ Your seeds are planted and your fruits will grow . Love ya"

"Can’t wait to see what you have in store. Your whole movement inspires me to continue to keep pursuing me instead of what society offers.
I am super excited for you !
Keep grinding.
'Always Strive And Prosper'"

Lyric Jackson

Eli’sha Hicks

The Rising Soul


Nadia " Qveeng" McKoy is a two time business owner, founder of NKM Networking and Artistry, LLC. and Qveeng Bee's Honey Pot, that works full time in making sure her community receives the support they need through different forms of unity. Not only is she a business owner, but also a multimedia artist, model, ,and self published author who using her gifts to help others through marketing/networking techniques.



The Local Artist Support Movement is a movement that was founded by Nadia McKoy in 2017. It was created to solve a detrimental issue of business owners and communities not seeing importance in nor putting forth action to support one another. Through this, she has based her first business's foundation, and debut project, Mind of a Millennial, in order to be an activist in change. NKM Networking and Artistry, LLC. was established in January 2018 to insure support in growth through marketing, networking, designing and holding events. NKM has designed numerous websites, has helped small business owners get organized to start up their businesses, and has also designed tools such as logos, websites and its very own consultation and branding process to make their journey a little bit easier on them.

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